My Greatest Bully

Who is the biggest bully you face everyday? In this PSA, we follow a day in the life of a girl who deals with criticism and judgement from an ever-present bully.

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While we are considerate in our speech and dealings with others, we’re often cruellest to ourselves. Feeling undeserving of the compassion we reserve for others, we tend to be harsh to a damaging degree. Self-hatred is like living with a bully who alters your opinion of yourself and often misguides you about how others view you. This constant undermining and self-criticism can lead to serious problems that (if unchecked) go on to hinder daily life and lead to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues. If you know a friend or relative suffering from self-hatred or feel burdened by it yourself, seek help from therapy or your local health care practitioners.

Illustrated by Harshita Borah

Written by Gargi Ranade and Meera Ganapathi

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