36 Types Of Dreams

Designer Devika Pillai illustrated the dreams and ambitions of underprivileged children with a typography project to inspire people to help these children.

36 Days Of Type is no big discovery in today’s Instagram obsessed world. It just happens to be on every designer, illustrator and motion designer's to-do list. However, the fear of committing a few hours for 36 days at a stretch has always been a frightening prospect for me. Which is why, through all these years I've grown to be a religious follower rather than a religious attempter. 

As a movement, 36 Days Of... usually adheres to a craft and skill-based approach, but it was only last year that a series caught my eye for being true to the purpose it served.

Artboard 2.jpg

Devika Pillai’s 36 days of type.

“An hour of interaction with underprivileged children is of more value in uplifting their morale and exposure, than donations.” This is the philosophy that caught Devika’s attention while having a conversation with the founders of 'Donate an Hour', an NGO that believes that time as opposed to money is the ultimate gift and resource that can bring a change in society.

This is when Devika decided to to use the 36 Days Of Type on Instagram as a platform to carry forward this philosophy to a wider audience. The objective of the project was to portray children with dreams and aspirations, universal elements that surround all our lives, irrespective of the privilege that we are born into and help people understand that everyone deserves equal rights and opportunities and hopefully move them enough to spare their most precious resource for these children - an hour of their time.

For the project, one letter was assigned for every child, aligning to their ambitions, on the corresponding calendar day of the Instagram challenge and their responses were illustrated onto letters that the jobs began with.


A for Artist

“I like to draw a lot. I think I'll grow up to be an artist," Gautam, age 7.



B for Basketball

"I want to become a basketball player," Anshu, age 9.



C for Cardiologist

"Doctor. The kind that fixes hearts," Khushbu, age 10


D for Dancer

"Dancer. An epic one," Ankit, age 11




E for Engineer

"I'll make lots of big buildings when I grow up," Samir, age 6


F for Fashion Designer

"I'll make pretty clothes for everyone," Mansi, age 7



G for Grocer

"I'll open a small store near my house," Suraj, age 12


H for Horticulturist

Three year old Shilpi loves being outside around plants and flowers.


I for Inspector

"When I'm big enough, I'll catch all the thieves in my village," Anjali, age 8


J for Judge

'I'll send bad people to jail," Habil, age 12


N for Nurse

Ten year old Nilam, wants to be a nurse.


P for Pilot

"I'm going to learn how to fly a plane," Anjali, age 13



R for Reader

The person who reads news on TV," Lata, age 11


S for Soldier

"I'll be a soldier and fight for the country," Gautam, age 11


T for Teacher

"Teacher for all subjects," Sonali, age 13


V for Veterinarian

"I want to help sick animals," Roshni, age 9


W for Wrestler

"I want to wrestle." Dangal inspired 11 year old Dipanshu.


Z for Zoologist

Roxona loves animals.


Written by Nishita Chheda

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