Street Reviews Of Bombay's Street Art

The grey, ageing walls of Bombay have had a fresh coat of street art from across the globe. Seepage stains have now given way to three-eyed mutant men, opinionated momos, nerdy Monalisas and powerful social messages. But since street art is not restricted to galleries and meant for the people, I was curious to know, how do people interpret the quirky art on their walls. Do they love it? Do they hate it? Does it move and challenge them? Or do they want the seepage stains back?

I asked people on the street to review the art around them and their responses were everything from hilarious to heartwarming.

Jagganath Gaekwad, Watchman

Me: What do you think this is?

Jagganath: Cake? 

Nupur, student

"I like cats. I want this all over Bandra" 

Sandesh, Does Odd Jobs

Me: What would you change about this?

Sandesh: If I try to explain what I want to change about this, knowledge will pour out of my brain. But I'll try. I would paint more on the right side. And I wouldn't use green on the face. That's really wrong.

Natasha, Retired Insurance Specialist

Me: Do you like this?

Natasha: No. It's demonic. 

Sunita Kerkata, Domestic Help

"The colours make me happy"

Devraj, Garage Owner

Me: Do you think street art has any positive effect on the world? 

Devraj: It impacts people. It interests them and makes them notice unimportant things, like walls.

Harilal Yadav, Auto Driver

Me: Do you like this particular piece of art?

Harilal: I like only 80% of it.

Me: Why don't you like 20%?

Harilal: It doesn't glitter. 

Afzal Ahamed Shaikh, Retd. Government Employee

"Most people love it but those who don't like it probably don't understand art"

Lakshmi, Cook

"I like drawing, I use to come first in drawing classes in school. So I really like the street art everywhere." 

Paru, Garbage Collector

Me: What impact does this have on you?

Paru: It seems like this girl is happy and looking at her makes my day better. 

Athar Alam, Chief Marketing Manager

Me: What do you think this represents?

Athar: I think it says, women like jewellery. 

Tarannum Afridi, Homemaker

Me: What is the message behind this piece?

Tarannum: Women are tough. Don't mess with them. 


Jayant Ugra, Aashim Tyagi, Sanju Ayappa